I’m Howard

I’ve been recovered for 20 years. In Portal to Recovery I offer what I have experienced, and all I have learned in the last 20 years supporting countless people in 12 Steps and Plant Medicine experience preparation, journey, and integration, deep studies in The Dao, Kabbalah, and Presence and 60 years of living. I found my gift. My gift is I take in Information, remember it and find patterns in it, to distill the wisdom there and share it in a way that anyone can understand. I will share with you the tools and techniques I have distilled into a simple to understand process and practice that will help you come to know the truth about addiction and about the mind, your mind, to find freedom. You will master these tools quickly.

Have you tried 12 step recovery and found yourself wanting a different approach?

Have you worked 12 steps for years and found yourself wanting more?

Have you grown tired of the belief that you will always be broken?

Have you worked with plant medicine to heal or heal addiction and still find yourself suffering in the jungle of your mind after a while?

I invite you to join me for a new look at recovery, psychedelics, and the power to change



Come join me for a deep dive into the true nature of addiction.

We will meet weekly for 90 minutes for a short talk on various themes relating to addiction, the mind, and consciousness. I will share tools along the way. Then we will practice using these tools to deconstruct our real day to day challenges as we quickly take control of our mind (the real source of the addiction) and live our authentic life.

On this journey together we will learn principles of presence, and how they apply to addiction, along with tools to deconstruct the mind. We will learn a simple meditation practice that yields results immediately using just breath, body, and sense awareness. We will practice using these tools together. You can learn these tools and skills easily.

You come to know these truths 

You were whole and complete when you got here. 

There is nothing wrong with you.

Your mind is full of beliefs that tell you there is.

Your mind is not you.

You can change those beliefs.

The spaciousness and the answers you seek lie within

You will learn how to 

  • Surrender
  • Watch your mind to recognize your triggers
  • Intervene on your unintended thinking
  • Deconstruct your limiting beliefs and disempower your triggers
  • Let go of your resentments
  • Make authentic and meaningful amends
  • Process your emotions in a healthy and productive way
  • Meditate simply and effectively on your breath
  • Rest into your awareness and find spaciousness within
  • Rediscover your Authentic Self

Know your authentic self and be recovered.

Take a step Beyond

Join Portal to Recovery Now

Wednesdays 8pm Pacific Time