Sono Ceremonia

Sono Ceremonia


Sono Ceremonia is an unforgettable voyage into the realms of medicine music that incorporates the sounds of the earth, the songs of the plants and the resonance of source. Sono Ceremonia is a guided sound ceremony from the first song until the last.

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    6 reviews for Sono Ceremonia

      • CT December 7, 2020

        The album sounds better with each listen

        • PL December 7, 2020

          I wanted to thank you for making this record.
          It is truly an incredible record from start to finish.
          I now have to try and operate with a partially blown mind.
          The music, vocals and harmonies are beautiful,
          The phrasing, arrangements and production are exceptional.

          • SN December 29, 2020

            It feels like its moving energy and tuning me to coherent clear space. It’s all I’m listening to at this time Thank you so so much A true Gift

            • LL December 29, 2020

              Wow! Went to bed with tears as I listened in my own personal ceremony to Sono Ceremonia. Thank you Ena and Howard for encouraging my heart to feel and awaken.

              • GG December 29, 2020

                Thank you so much for your beautiful album, it did exactly “what it says on the tin” and took me off to a place where the ego was shadowed by the light.
                Thanks so much for all the light and joy you bring into our lives.

                Shannon Bociek August 8, 2021

                Unbelievably beautiful and soul shattering. Each song has brought so much happiness to my heart – the first song I listened to was Corazon and it made me weep with such tenderness. Oh! Oh how I thank you two beautiful spirits for creating this music!

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